CPA Marketing Genius PLR by Lucas Adamski – Earn 100% Profits From A Brand-New, Ready-Made Private Label Rights Bundle That You Can Sell As Your Own… Starting Today

By | August 12, 2016

CPA Marketing Genius PLR by Lucas Adamski – Earn 100% Profits From A Brand-New, Ready-Made Private Label Rights Bundle That You Can Sell As Your Own… Starting Today

CPA Marketing Genius PLR is an AMAZING product by Lucas Adamski. CPA Marketing Genius PLR is not just another fly-by-night product but a complete all-in-one business in a box packed with a guidebook, a cheat sheet, a mind map, a resources report and so much more! This in-demand course focuses on a wildly popular affiliate marketing model called CPA Marketing. It’s a proven, money-making industry with millions of potential buyers and new coming every single day.

CPA Marketing Genius PLR

Detailed Product Of CPA Marketing Genius PLR:

• Product: CPA Marketing Genius PLR
• Launch Date: 2016 – 08 – 12 At 09:00 EDT
• Vendor: Lucas Adamski
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - CPA Marketing Genius PLR


anigifmy - CPA Marketing Genius PLR

What are Included in CPA Marketing Genius?

  • Module 1: Top-Shelf Guide
    Be packaged as a 5-star quality guide, CPA Marketing Genius contains “golden” information about CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, and traffic generation.
    The Top-Shelf Guide includes 90+ pages of original content, profitable marketing strategies presented step by step, illustrative images and pictures, comprehensive tables, practical examples, and more.
  • Module 2: High-Quality Audios
    There are many MP3 files for you so that you can listen to it anywhere at any time with your phone, iPod or Laptop. Besides, there are many techniques about how to increase price and generate more profits.
  • Module 3: Cheat Sheet
    The cheat sheet is like a summary paper covering concise and essential content. It will save your time and give you the best review. It includes tools for CPA marketing and creating landing pages, paid traffic, etc.
  • Module 4: Checklist
    It is an excellent assistant that will help you achieve desired results. Step by step check it, and it will refresh your mind.
  • Module 5: Mind Map
    I think you know what Mind Map is. It’s considered as one of the most effective tools to overview and memory. CPA Marketing Genius brings this weapon to you. Besides, it has a high resolution, so you can print it if you want.
  • Module 6: Infographic
    Gorgeous and informative infographic will teach you how to get free viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. More likes and more shares mean more fans and more clicks.
  • Module 7: Resources Report
    It is a set of useful links in the CPA marketing niche. Inside, you will discover case studies, video training, webinars, blogs, forums, and tools.
  • Module 8: Sales Pages
    It includes many sales page samples. All you need to do is change the title, add buy buttons, and anything you want.
  • Module 9: Professional Minisite
    You don’t need to hire any lawyer because the minisite includes all the legal pages for you, including privacy policy, FTC compliance, etc.
  • Module 10: Doodle-Style Videos
    They are fresh, unique and attractive. Many marketers use them to make their products more prominent. CPA Marketing Genius includes many doodle-style videos samples. You can edit them as you want.
  • Module 11: Product Graphics
    All of the source files are in forms of PSD Photoshop files, which means you can customize them as flexible as you want.
  • Module 12: Unique Articles
    There are 10 articles. Each one has 400 words or more and is provided in DOCX format. You can add them to your websites and do affiliates.
  • Module 13: Animated Banners
    Use them to start your advertising campaigns or add them to your sales pages to attract more visitors and get more free traffic.
  • Module 14: Email Swipes
    Send them to your subscribers within seconds. Just copy, paste and sent, they will increase the sales for you.
  • Module 15: Additional Product Graphics
    More product graphics, more choices. Just pick up the ones you like and don’t waste your money in any designer.
  • Module 16: License Rights
    Resell rights, master resell rights, and private label rights are included.

What Type Of People Are Hungry For CPA Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Information?

  • INTERNET MARKETERS – Looking to create an additional income stream online.
  • OFFLINE BUSINESS OWNERS – Looking to expand their business and find new sources for leads and sales.
  • OFFLINE MARKETERS – Looking to offer marketing services for offline clients.
  • SPEAKERS, BOOK AUTHORS & COACHES – Looking for new, quality content to create webinar presentations, training videos, book chapters and coaching programs.
  • REGULAR FOLKS – Looking for a way to quit their job and start making money online.

9 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need This “Premier League” Business In A Box:

  1. Top-Shelf Content – You’ll receive a well-researched, fully original content that was verified from plagiarism (checked on Plus, it’s been proofread by a Native American speaker to hold one of the highest standards.
  2. Complete All-In-One Package – Additionally to the well-written guide, you’ll receive a mind map, a resources report and a checklist. Making it an exceptionally valuable bundle offer that you could charge higher prices for (and make more money!).
  3. Simplified Set Up – With “beginners in mind” I designed a simple guide how to go from downloading your product, to customizing and uploading on your server. It also comes with behind-the-shoulder video trainings and clear screenshots so you’ll never get lost.
  4. Evergreen, Easy-To-Tap, In-Demand Market – The affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly with new marketers joining every day giving you more opportunities to excel with this product!
  5. Profit-Generating Sales Material – YES! You’ll also get a ready-to-go sales page, sales video, email swipes and banners so you can start the promotion right away (and experience sales rushing into your Paypal account in a snap!).
  6. Keep 100% Profits In Your Pocket – Forget affiliate marketing and making tiny commissions. Set your own price and make 100% from each and every sale! Now you have the full control!
  7. Forget About Royalty Fees – Get your lifetime license to this first-class business in a box for just a one-time payment. No recurring fees. No funny business. You get the full rights. Sell unlimited copies forever and ever!
  8. Build Your Buyer’s List – Generate a lucrative buyer’s list that you can monetize for years to come. Having an email list can be ridiculously profitable! It’s a long-term business asset that you can rely on in the future.
  9. Penny-Wise & Time-Wise Opportunity – Save dozens of hours or thousands of dollars trying to do everything yourself or outsourcing. Experience a peace of mind knowing that all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is start making your first sales! Ka-Ching!

19 Brilliant Money-Getting Ideas How You Can Quickly Start Monetizing Your CPA Marketing Genius PLR:

  1. Sell this course as it is for $17, $27 or even $47 and keep 100% of the profits
  2. Give it away as a bonus while promoting an affiliate offer. It’s a proven tactic to get more sales & create a goodwill with your subscribers
  3. Set up a membership site and create an additional recurring income stream for yourself
  4. Post the content on social media to engage you followers, gain shares, likes and more traffic to your site
  5. Use parts of the content on your blog to build your following and authority in your space
  6. Use it as a bonus for your existing product to stack on value and boost your conversions
  7. Create a follow up email series to gain more trust with your subscribers
  8. Add it as an upsell to your funnel. Save yourself time & hassle and instantly boost your profits per each new customer
  9. Translate the content into any other language and tap into an unsaturated, profit-generating market
  10. Re-purpose the content into a video training to create a higher perceived value and charge more money
  11. Use it yourself to discover more about CPA marketing and traffic generation
  12. Create a coaching program based on the PLR content saving you time
  13. Split the main guide into 3-5 shorter reports and use as a giveaway to build your list
  14. Customize the guide however you want merge with other content, re-brand and create a brand-new, unique product
  15. Resell it to offline clients for a higher price tag
  16. Use it as a bait to attract high-end offline clients
  17. Give it to your outsourcer team and let them do all the hard work
  18. Use it to create a webinar presentation helping you save time on research
  19. Create a viral report by using parts of the content from the product

anigifmy - CPA Marketing Genius PLR

anigifmy - CPA Marketing Genius PLR

CPA Marketing Genius PLR is very very professional product and best choice for you. It’s in the forms of DOCX, PDF and PSD formats, so you can take note, comment, highlight, fix or change any content you want. 30 days money back GUARANTEE. Grab CPA Marketing Genius PLR Now!

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