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Local Kingpin is an AMAZING product by Bradley Benner. Local Kingpin is a one of a kind course that shows you exactly how to start dominating local marketing fast – for yourself or clients. You can say goodbye to wondering what steps you should take, how to rank in the map pack, how to get traffic to a new local site for fast leads, conversions, and revenue. Local Kingpin is the process used by Bradley Benner`s personal lead generation business to create profitable leads for local businesses through expert use of Google AdWords and optimized landing pages. In this no-holds-barred course you’ll be getting over the shoulder instructions on how you can do it yourself – FAST. It’s all there, from A to Z.

Local Kingpin

Local Kingpin Review

Detailed Product Of Local Kingpin :

• Product: Local Kingpin
• Launch Date: 2016 – 10 – 25 At 09:00 EDT
• Author: Bradley Benner Mastery PR
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - Local Kingpin


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Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Local Kingpin:

  • How to set up a new site the right way
  • Exactly how you can start getting traffic and leads in 48 hours
  • The process to generate income from this ASAP
  • Fastest way to rank in the map pack for organic and FREE traffic that converts like crazy!

We all know why leads are so important … they are the start of it all. If you can get more leads, you can convert them into paying customers. You can make more money selling valuable leads in local industries like home improvement, yard work and gardening, home repairs, and so much more.

If you’re in the business or generating local leads or even thinking about it, the training provided by Bradley Benner in the Local Kingpin course is going to help you and your bottom line.

Local Kingpin is a 3 module comprehensive training course with over 20 videos! You will learn how to set up local funnels, produce leads cheaply, and more, in order for you to make money by selling leads to clients or using them in your own local business :

  • Module #1: Setup & Local Case Study : Bradley Benner want you to see exactly how this process works – and that it really does work! This case study shows how Bradley put together a real local leads business and goes into details on Adwords use and more!
  • Module #2: Building Local Funnels For High Conversions : Lots of people teach advertising, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if your leads don’t convert! That’s why Bradley Benner included landing page templates and design in this powerful course. Not only will you be learning how to set up campaigns correctly via AdWords for low cost lead generation, but you’ll be ahead of others with high conversions from great landing pages.
  • Module #3: Updates & More : As part of our continuing high quality training we provide updates as needed to our training. Bradley will be holding update webinars to let you know about even more information related to lead generation and doing another LIVE case study!

Local Kingpin is going to help you make money and get leads FAST. When you start going through the detailed video based training (with HD resolution, and ability to speed up or slow down playback) you’ll begin understanding how you can turn this into a revenue generating machine. And why others who don’t have a complete process like Local Kingpin fail.

If you’re serious about learning from an expert and know that this can be a game changer, you can get started now for wayyy less than anyone who waits just a few days.  If you aren’t familiar with Semantic Mastery and MasteryPR training – well, let me just tell you that their training is COMPLETE.

Local Kingpin Is For You:

  • The SEO
    Is SEO dead?
    Of course not!
    But you know that you need to have many tools in your toolbox in order to stay ahead.
    Drive more leads to your clients and your websites with advanced AdWords lead generation training and see your income grow.
    Not only that – but you’ll be training to be an expert in a highly sought after area which means businesses WILL pay!
  • The Local Marketer
    Already serving local markets?
    Then you are in the perfect position to put this training to use and scale.
    That means that you can have more clients, more revenue, and another great way to drive local leads on demand to existing and new clients.
    This is FOR YOU!
  • The Entrepreneur
    Starting a business or growing one on your own takes a lot of work.
    Having the ability to confidently, and cheaply, drive local traffic to your optimized landing pages is VERY important.
    With Local Kingpin you can quickly find out how you can drive converting leads to YOUR landing pages so that you can grow your business and scale.
  • The Business Owner
    Odds are, you’ve tried AdWords or hired someone for AdWords to increase leads into your business.
    Bet that it didn’t work out so well, did it? Or maybe it could have been better…
    Well, good news – by taking the information in Local Kingpin and putting it to use, you’ll be so far ahead of the competition and where you were before that you’ll be amazed.
    Start creating highly optimized landing pages and driving converting traffic – starting today!

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Local Kingpin Review

Local Kingpin Review

Local Kingpin Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1: Update Webinars – Members Only!
    – Instant – Get access to the webinars when they happen – members only!
    – Important Learning Tool – Get important questions answered from the experts
    – And So Much More…
  • Bonus #2: Live Case Study
    – Instant – Get instant access to the webinar recording when you purchase
    – Important Reference Tool – Helpful for uncovering missed opportunities and ninja content methods
    – And So Much More…
  • Bonus #3: Local Optin Funnel Template
    – Instant – Get access to the template as soon as you join
    – Important Tool – Learn how to increase conversions by using this time tested template
    – And So Much More…

anigifmy - Local Kingpin

Local Kingpin is very very professional product and best choice for you. Local Kingpin is a one of a kind course that shows you exactly how to start dominating local marketing fast – for yourself or clients. 30 days money back GUARANTEE. Grab Local Kingpin Now!

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